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Meijer Reinigingssystemen has been specialized in everything to do with water and cleaning for almost 50 years. Our delivery program includes Tank cleaning installations, IBC cleaning installations, tailor-made (industrial) cleaning systems and accessories. Meijer Reinigingssystemen is a very flexible company with a lot of experience, so that we can offer a solution for practically every problem.

Meijer Reinigingssystemen has its own team of installers and well-trained service employees who ensure that the installations are installed and maintained perfectly. Our aim is a satisfied customer at all times and a pleasant, long-term relationship.

We are happy to advise our (future) customers and always without obligation about the options we can offer. We also guide our customers during the development, construction and start-up phase of their new company or with the expansion of their activities.

We would like to inform you in more detail about all possibilities. You can respond using the information form. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

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